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      Ed Kemmerling Lean Transformation Expert


Success with Naval Air…
NAVAL AIR DEPOT (Jacksonville, FL)
Improved P-3 Aircraft Delivery (Results published in The Toyota Way Field book, Chapter 5,· by Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker and David Meier) 

   >Improved Aircraft Repair Process.
            > 20% reduction in WIP
         > Improved turn around time
         > Reduced Cost
    >Co-Authored Depot Production System Manual
    >Implemented an effective Lean Assessment Process 


>Achieved Shingo Award

 > Implemented Strategic Policy Deployment (Hoshin Planning )

> Implemented Effective 5-S Assessment


Success with Corporate Systems ...
Over 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience with FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Managed, Developed, and Enhanced the Ford
      Production System.

      >Aligned Lean Implementation for all Ford Plants Worldwide
      >Managed Plant Assessments Worldwide
      >Coached Plant Leadership Cultural Transformation

   Operational Leadership Experience

      >Transformed the largest SPM/PM Aluminum Casting Plant in the
        world from worst to benchmark in less than two years


>Improved Production System Rating by 50% in less than 1 year >Developed a Supervisor/Leadership Engagement Process  >Implemented many floor Kaizens

ART VAN Furniture (Warren, MI)

>Implemented Many floor Kaizens

>Reduced Annual Operating Costs By > $200,000







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